Sitting, Meetings, Mentor/Sponsor and Path work

VASSA REQUIRES ALL RESIDENTS TO PRACTICE MEDITATION DAILY.  First two weeks residents will do seated meditation for 25 minutes and then walking meditation for 10 minutes daily.  After 2 weeks residents will practice for an hour each day: sit 25, walk 10 and sit 25.  The program offers three times a day for residents to practice with staff.

Each month residents will attend a 3 hour meditation practice consisting of walking and sitting meditation repeated in Noble Silence.  Every third months a 3 day retreat is held where residents practice meditation from 9 to 5 consisting of 25 minute sitting mediation followed by 10 minutes of walking repeated.

All residents must attend 90 recovery meetings or sits in 90 days as evidenced by a signed meeting sheet.  Meetings attended can be Recovery Dharma, SMART recovery, 1 hour sit at Shambhala Meditation Center or a 12 step meeting.  After 90 days residents may drop down to 5 meetings per week if approved by staff.   Residents will be encouraged to continue sitting daily

All residents must have a mentor/sponsor within 2 weeks. Staff will assist residents in finding an appropriate mentor.  Residents must meet weekly with their mentor and work the 8 fold path via refuge recovery, mindful recovery, 8 step recovery or Buddhism and the 12 Step work book.

Level System

Vassa uses a level system that creates accountability and recovery goals for each resident.  For example Level 1 requires 3 to 4 weeks of submitting signed meeting sheets, maintaining regular contact with mentor, compliance with all rules, 11:30 curfew and more. Overnight passes and driving privileges are determined by progress.

Community Activities


  1.   24 Hour On-site Support Staff
  2.   Random Drug Screening
  3.   Refuge Recovery/Mindfulness/12 step recovery Meetings
  4.   Required meditation


  1. Community Meeting-Residents report on sitting practice, path work and mentor contact
  2. Individual 1 hour session with staff
  3. Walking and sitting meditation practice
  4. Get a job class
  5. Life Skills Group
  6. Mindfulness Based relapse prevention group
  7. Therapist led aftercare group
  8. Therapist led relapse prevention group


  1. Mini retreats
  2. Community dinner with monthly recovery goals set and reviewed